Don’t count on this.

Wednesday, May 10th, 1995

Man, oh man, people on the net are obsessed with counters, or, in other words, are obsessed with having some way of measuring who has seen their WWW page. Well, here at the CRL pages, as you may know, this isn’t a complete, full, and total implementation of all Web server features, so right now, server statistics are not directly available from the big CRL host somewhere. (California, right?) That’s why some folks have discovered this guy in Edmonton who has made it possible for us poor folk to say, hey…

You are visitor number so-and-so to this page since we started counting.

It’s a convenient way for WWW amateurs such as ourselves to do this…I hope that the brave little machine in Alberta can withstand the pounding of repeated accesses. Seems as if that’s very much the trend on the Internet. Something cool is established, a few people discover it, and then it staggers under a wave of users after the community at large catches the wave.