There is no there here.

Wednesday, May 17th, 1995

Hello, from the other end of a fairly slow through-pipe to the Internet, which can, occasionally, be a good thing. There are other things in life beyond web-surfing, and the balance betwen digital and ‘real’ life is one that few handle well.

By now, a fairly large number of people have tuned in to this little experiment in stream-of-digital-consciousness, and most are confused by the process. I find myself having to explain that it’s really not important where a piece of information is–it’s only important that you can find your way to a connection and access it, from wherever ‘there’ is. To be honest, I have no idea precisely where the CRL computers that hold these words are–I suspect somewhere between San Jose and San Francisco. Is it important? Naah, not particularly.

And why do I call this Positively Atlanta Georgia without much of an informational connection to the city where I live? Well, sometimes life for me…a particular week here or there just intersects with this place only tangentially. Like when we get an evening of bad weather, thunderstorms, and high winds, and I’m reminded of the Sunday August afternoon in 1991 when a large oak tree bisected our house.

I’m not kidding.

If you’ve got a capable pipeline, click on the Atlanta picture, above, and you’ll be connected to a really large GIF of a photo of downtown Atlanta from space. (Thanks, Steve, for the tip on this.) You can see individual cars. Amazing. (Caution: it’s big.) We’ll look at Atlanta–at least the version I’m familiar with–in some detail in later installments of this thing. Check in every now and again, ok?