Your Nose out of the Joint of Oscar.

Monday, December 8th, 2003

I was jumping from blog to blog this morning….in search of an obscure tidbit related to Cocoa, and came upon this on some Swedish guy’s blog:

The Joint of Oscar

When I drive to work, I use a road called The joint of Oscar and I remember one year ago, the road was clogged every morning so it took almost an hour to go from the day-care center to work. This fall/winter has been a walk in the park so far…

I just like the idea that a road could be named something like that. Of course, down here it would be named The Joint of Buford. And there would be the Joint of Barbecue right there on the Joint of Buford.
Of course, the phrase “the downtown connector” might sound exactly that unusual to some Swedish guy, and “spaghetti junction” probably doesn’t much sense to visiting Italians. The joint of pasta?