Whose headlines these are…

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Sometimes, latenight when I should be actually working, I divert myself with one of the web’s oldest aggregation sites. Slashdot is a festival of “news for nerds, stuff that matters,” and at least some of it emerges from a small town near Ann Arbor Michigan, so Sammy would tell you it can’t be all bad.

So tonight, the headlines are pouring into my sleep-deprived eyeballs, and they read like so much bad tech poetry:

Japan Demands Probe of iPod Nano Flameouts

Flash Ads Launching Clipboard Hijack Attacks

Judge Rules Man Cannot Be Forced To Decrypt HD

MIT Students’ Gag Order Lifted

Teens Arrested For Motorized Office Chair

Leaping the Uncanny Valley

…I took the road less traveled by flaming Nanos and Motorized Office Chairs, and that has made all the difference.