Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

I got a thing from Google that said “check out your site in Google Search Console and make sure it’s optimized for the best results.” Since “best results” is pretty much the last thing I want from my website I had let it go, but I clicked on it today, and in addition to a lot of fancy responsive graphs that indicate that you, dear reader, are one of a very, very, very few people who have done so, it also showed that people get here because they search for stuff.

At first, the stuff they search for seem pretty nonsensical, but when you recall that I wrote a TV column for an Atlanta weekly or two for several years (and one in Ohio before that, in my college life) and recall as well that those posts are all still faithfully preserved here in digital amber…well, then you get why people would be typing in

marcia ladendorff cnn
pam martin fox 5
pam martin wsb tv
pam martin atlanta news anchor
square bar code
square bar codes
richard belcher and sally sears
indeed atlanta ga
ron hudspeth
pam martin wsb
marcia ladendorff news anchor
jcb atlanta
bruce erion
jcb georgia
who did paul ossmann marry
indeed atlanta georgia
atlanta indeed

forrest sawyer wife
indeed ga atlanta
warren savage news anchor
numerology birthday
8888 numerology
cosa ga
bruce erion wife
harmon wages wife
did paul ossmann get married
pam martin atlanta
wnn anchors
tina seldin cash
christopher burns instagram
cosa after effects
wayfield foods ad
wtcg atlanta

…and so on and…numerology? What the? Oh. I wrote a post called “Birthday numerology” once. Did Paul Ossmann get married? I have no idea. Do I use the word ‘Indeed’ too much? Looks like I do.

It’s kind of amazing what desperate souls clacking at keys at 2 am want to find out about our world, and I can think of no better purpose for this particular piece of web real estate, so hey, have at it. Search! Find! Lose some hope! We’re a full-service establishment.