Goin’ coastal.

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

There was a restaurant around the corner from our Atlanta home for a while with that name, with that exact punctuation. Yes, indeed, they had fish!

But I’m using the term this evening to mean that we have wandered away from Positively Atlanta and we’re looking here at Puget Sound, which means for many intents and purposes we’re looking at the Pacific Ocean. We’ve gone coastal, western style.

It was gusty and cool but very bright and sunny today. The sound had those windsurfer paraglider whatchamacall-them (the red shape out just above the water) along with Washington State Ferries and tethered sailboats and people walking their dogs along the pebbly coast. Quite idyllic, and the sunshine on the Olympic Mountains (in the distance, off to the west of Seattle) was just our visual icing on the cake.