Frayed nerves.

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

Okay, this is the first democratic debate (of this campaign) I watched.

And there were indeed “fireworks”, as cable pundits would like to say.

First there was Mike Bloomberg, an easy target. In the first few minutes, Bloomberg was eviscerated by Elizabeth Warren over his stop-and-frisk policies and his general billionariness; she later challenged him on an ambiguous number of harassment suits held under NDAs. How many, Mike? Will you release the women from the NDA component? Nope, he wouldn’t.

After a Telemundo questioner pointed out that Amy Klobuchar was unable to name the President of Mexico in an interview, Pete Buttigieg piled on to Klobuchar making a not-invalid case about being prepared and informed. The senator looked (to me) as if she was more than prepared to violently remove the head of the former South Bend mayor.

Now they’re thrashing through climate change.

My takeaway at this hour remains: Elizabeth Warren is so smart. And I really like smart candidates and presidents.