Wednesday with Warren.

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

After listening to an hour of conversation between Rachel Maddow and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I’m having a respectful debate with myself between my desire for significant structural change in the way stuff works here in the Executive, the Congress, and the Judiciary (I feel as if we need to do some deep trenching, clean out, and recalibration) and the part of me that understands politics are about compromise to a greater good for a great number of people.

I like a lot of what Sanders says, but I don’t hear a whiff of willingness to reach across and get things done from his corner.

And when Georgia’s primary rolls around, I’m voting for a leader who, I believe, can get stuff (healthcare, education, America’s role in a diverse world) done. That’s Elizabeth Warren. And as of this moment, on this rainy Wednesday, she’s still in the race. There are 16 days until the Georgia primary. Phew.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.