Signs of concern.

Monday, March 30th, 2020

Surprising amount of traffic headed into Atlanta on I-75 Sunday afternoon.

The discussion of how best to be safe during this period of semi-locked-down-ness and, for sure, distancing, has reached a level where it has been thrust into the arena of politics.

Strange but true.

Should we wear masks when out in public? Experts disagree. Should our state boundaries be policed so that the potentially infected from those other states are kept out, quarantined, or minimized? Experts disagree.

But the trends day-to-day suggest the most socially distant type of consensus, as even politicians from the reddest of states start slowly tightening the “urgings” and “suggestions” into something more like mandates.

As March comes to a close, I don’t think there are many Americans left who think that this will all come and go by Easter. So the end of April is the new benchmark. Sammy and I were to be traveling internationally around then…we are (I’d say) quite adjusted to the reality That Will Not Happen.

And we’re quite adjusted to the earliest sense of what the succeeding months will bring to our world.