Bleat before April.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

A lamb from County Meath, Ireland, 2017.

I have the data in front of me, my high-powered machine that says what day it is in varied timezones around the globe, and for the purposes of posting this, we have arrived at the last day of March, the 91st day of this leap year, where it is supposed, according to traditions way too arcane for me to parse, to go out like a lamb.

That’s it for you, March. In with bluster, out with quiet bleats in Irish meadows.

And looking back, this has been a March as atypical as they come. Fast-paced? not really. More like relentless. There’s another day of this, and then another one.

On March 1st, I babbled about old YouTube educational movies exhibiting the hubris of the late 1950s. But the very next day, I had a screen filled with departing Democratic candidates and MSNBC anchors, and a headline under Dr. Anthony Fauci that said “Coronavirus ‘likely’ to become ‘pandemic.'”

We don’t put the quotes around either of those terms any more. Less than a month ago. Wow.

Happy birthday Christopher Walken and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams. Look what you’ve wrought.

Very much hoping that April does not come in like a fool.