Why we’re doing this.

Sunday, April 19th, 2020

Let’s see. Last week at this time we were worrying about severe weather coming through Georgia and the Atlanta metro. There’s severe weather in south Georgia tonight, but “all” we’re getting is lots and lots of rain.

A week before, I grumbled about distractions from the challenges that we faced as a planet and how the President’s conferences really did more harm than good.

And one week before, I asked “should we wear masks out in public?” as March came to a close.

I’m just calibrating here. Trying to get a sense of how fast time is in fact passing. We’re getting through April! That ought to be reason for optimism, but it sure sounds like if states loosen up sooner rather than later, simply put, more will die.

* * * * *

The photo of the day, for my money, though comes out of Denver, where, in the face of screeching protests by (half? un?)-thinking Americans demanding that they be able to go and do whatever they want and spread disease in any way they see fit because, yeah, America…they encounter in crosswalks nurses, wearing masks, after working shifts saving lives, who stood in front of pickup trucks and staged a counter-protest. A protest for sanity and freedom from the effects of our neighbors’ bad choices.

There’s video of this too, which I have yet to watch with the sound on, because the intensity of the woman leaning out of her Dodge Ram is, well, kinda terrifying.

Chase Woodruff @dcwoodruff — a writer for Denver’s Westword, on Twitter:
Remarkable scene at 12th and Grant, where two healthcare workers from a Denver-area hospital — they declined to say which or give their names — are standing in the crosswalk during red lights as a “reminder,” they say, of why shutdown measures are in place.

Everyone sleep well and be safe.

Photo by Alyson McClaran