Saturday, July 11th, 2020

I’m coming across more and more writing that addresses the mental health issues associated with the lockdown, the pandemic, and the clash between those who are obeying the…rules? Recommendations? Challenges to your personal freedom? and those who cry out in defiance, and, in some cases, succumb to the virus just because, well, they weren’t careful.

Ah, whatever. I’m happy to see significant percentages of my neighbors are masking up in store situations, which is really the only place I have close encounters. I’m having no trouble staying within those guidelines, although I have to admit to a slight fraying at the edges. Not the edges of the guidelines…the edges of my mental well being. I’m well aware that mental stress can have physiological impacts, so I’m trying to be careful about that too.

This weekend, as dire reports of large numbers of new cases come in from many states, I also sense a greater overall “yeah, it’s no fun, but let’s get with the program” feeling. There’s no doubt that this is a different look:

The President visits Walter Reed hospital on Saturday. Photo via CNN.

I’m going to resist the urge to pile on and…just take a few deep breaths and sit back with satisfaction and await a change in upper management. Mr. blue tie has got to go.