Ten days in.

Friday, July 10th, 2020

What kind of month has July been? It’s Friday the 10th. I started by describing it as a roller-coaster month, then took a day to encourage nonprofits not to market, not to incessantly plead for support, but just do the thing they set out to do.

Then, we heard fireworks throughout the neighborhood on the eve of Independence, and on the fourth itself, I distracted myself from booming sounds with road signs. Afterwards, I just tossed of a sentence or two about what freedom is, was, could be.

By July 6th, I obliquely discussed my experiment in taking on old white guy forum bullies far from where most other folks I know would explore (I may discuss this in more detail after I’ve pondered it a bit), and glanced at the PPP program and how you could search for the recipients in your town, your state, your zip code. I returned from Target and Kroger and was pleased to see a (very) high mask-using percentage, although I have to tell you there were a lot of folks outside today in 90 degree heat in Midtown Atlanta and many did not even have masks at the ready.

Finally, yesterday I mentioned a Spanish language heist series on Netflix we are enjoying, because when the evening comes on in Atlanta in midsummer and it’s still hot, hot, hot, it’s nice to consume content with your dear spouse. In the air conditioning.

I think the roller coaster continues.