Won’t be fooled again?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Ah, maybe the fooling has already happened. Just spent an unproductive hour reading an online forum (not the Twitter) where people were saying things like:

This is a growing wave of anarchy intended to overthrow our way of life. Watch how it grows and spreads over the next three months. In most countries, this anarchy would be met with lethal force. But the ideology behind this overthrow has already been seeded deeply into our culture. Minneapolis has set the stage by showing that this overthrow will not be resisted because it claims to be peaceful protest which is a fundamental right.

Oh, so many questions. “…intended to overthrow our way of life.” “Everything is at stake if this is allowed to continue.”

Same guy, asked about the unmarked camo guys in Portland:

It is the only solution to the problem.  This is the tip of the iceberg.  In another couple months, we will have many large cities with armed conflict between Federal agents and anarchists.  If people need to be arrested for looting and burning, what difference does it make whether the arresting agents are unmarked or unidentifiable?

Yeah, it makes every difference, and let’s go back and check that Portland videotape. Nope, not looting and burning. Protesting.

I’m amazed how many people who would call themselves “law and order people” have forgotten some of the most basic underprinnings of a domestic police force: uniforms. IDs. Badge numbers. Miranda rights. Legal searches. Speak to the people they’re arresting and inform them of what they’re charged with.

I swear, in a few years we’re going to look at two dozen episodes of ‘Adam-12’ and say “who were these guys who took care of the people while respecting them?”

And then:

Some are now predicting wide-spread civil disorder regardless who wins the November election. (in the election’s aftermath)

I think the antidote to that is to “remember who we are” and “remember what we stand for.” Laws. Due process. Probable cause. You don’t throw all that priceless constitutional foundation out the window just because “some are now predicting” this or that.

Look: a lot of the “some” who are now “predicting” this are trying to make you uncomfortable, afraid, and willing to accept any shortcuts to restore order.

This may be a bit unpopular, but I had this same sense after 9/11. People were freaked out and willing to end-around our constitutional protections because “what if there’s another attack!?” I think a lot more Americans now look at stuff like Guantanamo and say “oh man, what did we do?”

I think we do a better job of being one nation, together, if we’re aware that it’s easy to generate fear and apparent chaos. Sometimes you just need what “some say.”