Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

We just have too many high-priority crises happening simultaneously.

There’s a global health crisis—the pandemic.

There’s an extremely important Presidential election where the incumbent is willing to try tactics once considered way, way out of bounds. (And many significant elections at the Congressional and Senate level that will make a difference in how priorities are implemented in law in the future.)

We have issues of violent crime alongside inconsistent application of savagely violent, militarized policing against Blacks, against the poor, against those who have not.

We have a collapsing economy with huge numbers of unemployed, largely but not exclusively a consequence of the pandemic.

We have nationwide protest that is attempting to change the way we look at race in America.

And we have a growing number of…what’s the nice way of saying this? Crazy people who believe a tightly-knit, preposterous set of conspiracies are really happening…or that’s what they say.

I just try to get a good night’s sleep in the face of this, marshaling energies for the wild times immediately ahead.