Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

There are days that I play music that I first met on the jumbled shelves of a tiny radio station in Plainfield Vermont. WGDR! At the time, 10 big wobbly watts of FM broadcasting. Two turntables, no waiting. Serving East Montpelier, North Montpelier, but not Montpelier. On some nights, the line-of-sight frail signal skipped over mountain ranges and down to river valleys quite a ways away.

Today is one of those days.

Todd Rundgren, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Donald Byrd, Eric Dolphy, and somewhat more anachronistically, Kathy Mattea, Tracy Chapman, and the haunting, fog-piercing weather theme from WOUB, Athens, Ohio, where they next allowed me to do a tiny bit of radio. Once, long ago.

That big old vertical picture above? Take a deep breath. I can smell this picture, always could. Vinyl and asbestos tiles and just a hint of residual marijuana.