A bad day scenario.

Friday, October 2nd, 2020

Wrote my post last night around 9 pm, and went to bed. In the morning, Sammy said “I guess you heard the big overnight news.”

Well, you can guess what she was referring to. And, well, here we are. An old man is in the hospital with coronavirus, presenting with what sounds to me very serious symptoms, and he is getting very, very very good care, paid for by the government. Us. Your tax dollars.

I’m ending my day of way too much Twitter reading by watching Rachel Maddow talking to Dr. Jennifer Peña, who worked in the White House for four years in the medical unit. She says her former team planned for what was called a “bad day scenario,” in terms of training and preparation, and this certainly fills that definition.

So we’ll all get through this sober, unprecedented weekend, and I sure hope that we get an accurate accounting of the President’s health, care, and prognosis along the way. I hope the President and his wife recovers, and I wish good health as well with all the other White House staff, reporters, workers, and Capitol Hill staff, workers, Senators, Congresspeople, and everyone else who were placed (?) in harm’s way.

And of course, I wish good health and good outcomes to the tens of thousands of other Americans who tested positive just today.