Bring your own shield.

Saturday, October 3rd, 2020

Saturday night, and before I started writing, I had to glance at the online universe to see if anyone else had been added to the growing spreadsheet of infected leaders of our country. Nah, I think we’re OK.

It sounds like down in South Carolina, challenger Jaime Harrison had a good night against entrenched Senator Lindsey Graham. Again and again, he challenged Graham to own up to his dramatic shifts in policy, and produced some world-class verbal squirming from the longtime Republican senator.

But the really impressive, amusing, and sensible thing is that Harrison brought his own plexiglas shield to the debate to keep (or reduce) the flurry of aerosol particles coming and going from the other side of the stage.

Should Senator Kamala Harris do the same when faced with the supposed Covid-19-negative (but do we really know because the incubation period is, well, 14 days) Vice President Mike Pence?

I think I would.