Seasonal devices.

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

A carefully-handcrafted watercolor image of the unboxing of our iPhones 6s in 2015. Just kidding, that Waterlogue app made it look like this.

Last year at this time we had just held the iPhone 11 Pro in our hands at an Apple Store in Ottawa, Ontario, and said “yeah, these could work for us.” This, after having four good years of service from the twin iPhone 6s devices pictured above. We didn’t buy them in Canada (for a lot of reasons) but soon after our return to Atlanta, we did, and we’ve been satisfied customers. Multiple lenses! Computational photography! Fast processing!

Now, around my dear spouse’s birthday, it’s time again (the sites tell us) for another Apple event next week where a fancy pricy phone, or two, or three will be introduced, this year in a Covid-safe online event, of course.

The odds of our upgrading are fairly slim, of course, but I will watch and ponder the improvements and visualize how it could usefully fit into our lives.

It’s the season for that sort of thing.