Thursday, October 8th, 2020

One thing about going out where the cell towers don’t roam for a nice day’s hike is that one has options when one “gets back into civilization” to catch up on the craziness of the day’s news. Sometimes you fire up your device carefully, as if it might go off, spewing news everywhere.

I think today, with all the distractions around a delightful and wonderful birthday celebration, I opted for waiting until we got back to the cottage to (as they say) log on.

And then, well, wow. This would be big news in any state, but we have a lot of friends in the Wolverine state, absolutely none of whom, we’re relieved to say, who would get at all involved in any of this malevolent idiocy.

And while Michigan hasn’t cornered the market on white supremacy, they do, however, have a hardworking state Attorney General, and apparently in cooperation with the US Attorneys in the two Michigan offices and with the FBI, they rounded up and indicted a bunch of pasty white guys who, evidence shows, plotted to kidnap and or kill the Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who has worked hard to keep the state together in the face of Covid 19 and a sizable population of goofballs who are unwilling to do their part to curb the disease’s spread. Goofballs who look like…these guys.

I look at these mugshots and try to imagine what I would say to them to rekindle a sense of shame and remorse over doing something this awful. Drawing a blank at this point, I’m embarrassed to say.