Why did the turkey?

Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Back quite a few years ago now I designed a website for a Michigan news organization that, perhaps least importantly, had a header of Michigan images—beauty shots mostly—that rotated and varied with the seasons.

It was kind of tricky to find the right ones because they had to be extremely horizontal and be relatively nonbusy on the part of the image that was covered up by the site logo.

I love this kind of specialized design and when my wife and I wandered up to Michigan we’d shoot some images with an eye towards this particular usage.

Because I end up keeping files on hard drives aplenty and, you know, the cloud, with a tenacity that most computer backup specialists would applaud, I came across a handful of them this evening.

And it’s autumn in Michigan, and so it seems like a good time to enjoy these vistas.

The colors are lovely. The turkeys are…well, to be honest we’ve seen very few turkeys on the hoof since that perfect photo moment. But they were there, in Michigan, when we needed them!