Early signs of commitment.

Monday, October 12th, 2020

Photo by Curt Yeomans, Gwinnett Daily Post.

Early voting began in Georgia, my state, today, Monday. It began with technical fits, starts, and problems, which is consistent with how the current state administration has been running the election system.

There are some 35 early voting locations in Fulton County (including the huge State Farm basketball arena that has been converted into a voting center and some mobile ones that have some unusual hours and dates.)

There are 13 in DeKalb, 11 in Cobb, 9 in Gwinnett.

The Gwinnett Daily Post says Gwinnett sees long lines at all sites on the first day of early voting. The AJC says Heavy turnout and glitches mark start of early voting in Georgia, and they do a good job of explaining some of the tech glitches in a system that seems (to me) way more complicated than it needs to be.

But put simply, in Georgia at least, people really, really want to vote.