Soggy bands, late-season edition.

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

The composite radar via at 3:20 pm Eastern, Wednesday October 28th.

I just checked, my entry from September 16, 2020 about the approach of Hurricane (later, Tropical Storm) Sally (42 days ago) pretty much could be copied and pasted for this evening’s Atlanta severe weather prospects.

I mean, we’re not expecting the big move-through until near dawn, and this one is moving faster, and we’ve had so much tropical activity that this (currently still a) Hurricane Zeta has dived deep into the Greek alphabet. What’s next, Esperanto?

But man, so much severe weather on top of pandemic on top of political chaos. I think I’m planning a bear-style hibernation from after inauguration in January until, well, maybe mid-March? I mean, why not?

It’ll probably still be super-rainy in January, anyway.