Patriotic acts.

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Look! It’s our little corner of patriotism in and among a bulletin board filled with the chaos and montage-y beauty of two lives uniquely lived. It’s right across from our downstairs bathroom.

Put more plainly, voting has always been a big deal for us. And most years, we get the little stickers of satisfaction that proud voters have been sharing entertainingly nationwide on the social internet during this remarkable period of early voting. In fact, we got two of the 2020 Georgia stickers this August when we went in and picked someone to carry out the rest of the late congressman—our congressman—John Lewis’s term. One race on the ballot to decide. We were in and out quickly, with stickers in hand.

But in Georgia, you don’t get the sticker tucked into the absentee ballot (I guess you could falsely display it on your t-shirt without having turned in a ballot and, well, what madness lies there?

So this Monday, when we used a nice, safe, secure, officially official drop box to place our oh-so-carefully filled out and sealed and oath-affirming ballots, we had to wait until today to have the more muted satisfaction of watching our online My Georgia Voter page status dialog thingie switch from Date received: (blank) to Date received: 10/27/2020. Status: Accepted.

Status: Accepted! Whoohoo! We are somebody. Now we just have to make it throuh a few more days to see what we as a country have collectively wrought. No stress there.