The waiting, is the hardest…part.

Friday, October 30th, 2020

Yes, I’m quoting Tom Petty in the title there.

If this sign reflected how long until Tuesday’s election day is over, it would say “approximately 6660 minutes from late Friday to end-of-day midnight Tuesday.”

Early voting is over in Georgia. The cake is (mostly) in the oven. We’ll see what comes out in 6660 minutes or so. We are waiting, patiently, masks on and, if I believe the faded paint marks on the sidewalk, at six-foot intervals.

I guess I should explain this precise image, from this morning: why are all the line-waiters looking off to the right in our midtown Trader Joe’s parking lot? One screaming woman used her car to block the car of another somewhat less screaming woman. The standoff, with much yelling, went on for minutes. Police were called. I didn’t see the beginning of the incident, but I did see it break up.

I asked the Trader Joe’s team member “how many bells for a major parking lot disturbance?”

“There aren’t enough bells,” she replied.