Hi, from here.

Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Wear a mask

Wow, after a period of writing very regularly through some of the covidstress and doing my best to communicate a feeling of, well, ultimately, optimism, it appears I then took a break. From May 22 of last year until, well, now, the 21st of May, 2022.


I still have trouble writing that year on my psychic checks and yet, there it is, staring at me from every device display thingie we have.

It also “stares at me” from lots and lots of NPR stories, and reporting on the television, and yes, even from newspapers. We are here now, and I can observe the amazingly messed up things in the world around us, but my collection of tools to make a difference is a sparse one.

I can (and have) received covid vaccines and boosters. Didn’t hurt a bit. I wear a mask in stores and public restrooms and pretty much everywhere we’re tossed in with lots of our fellow humans.

See? Sparse. Effective, but sparse.