One more worry.

Friday, May 27th, 2022

Will brownouts

The local weekly in the central Upper Peninsula ran a big headline asking the question that…well, I don’t think it was on anyone’s mind before a few electrical firms and coops nationwide put out an PR alert of sorts.

Well, will they? Will that rain of powerlessness ruin our summer enjoyment?

I would go with: no. But apparently it gives us something else to fret about amidst inflation and missing baby formula and armed manic school shooting teenagers and…I don’t know, people being unwilling to work for substandard wages? The article said that the local government is taking this seriously, buying new generators to make sure water will be pumped because they had only one gen that they could run only part of the time because of EPA concerns.

And they have a plan if they have to ask villagers to turn off excess lights or other electric-consuming things.