Axe capital.

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

I present to you Harold (right) and his uncle Red Green, the star of a fine Canadian comedy show that was based on the idea that guys were, well, big goofballs and there’s nothing that duct tape won’t rig or fix.

But what’s that…device that Harold is holding? It was always some sort of strange prop slash remote control slash whatever they needed it to be at the time. He called it his “axe,” like a cool electric guitar.

Take a look at my fine, fine rendering of an Ampex 2-inch videotape recorder from the late 1960s just below it. Why, yes, there you go.

And to be comprehensive, from the Classic Red Green Page: “Red mentioned that Harold’s Axe is made up of the control panel from an Ampex 1200 plus the keyboard from a Commodore 64 and a pair of rabbit ears.”