Warmer-than-usual links.

Saturday, August 19th, 1995

It’s the day after my sister’s birthday, and Atlanta (and a good chunk of the rest of the country) has been in the grip of over-100 temperatures, with plenty of humidity, for what seems like days and days and days. If I were smarter, I wouldn’t be here, and last weekend, I made good on that by zipping out to Boise to watch KTVB, the fine NBC station there finally stick a graphics package I had done for them on the air. As a wonderful side benefit, I got some great sunsets to watch and temperatures in the evening down into the forties, and that seems very nice indeed right about now.

And, oh yeah, I also scored some Frequent Flyer miles.

While out there, I stuck my nose into a computer store and watched some guy messing with a net-connected modem and Netscape, calling up page after page. Of course, I couldn’t resist typing my URL in and watching my own words show up half a continent away. Is this publishing? It gives me much the same thrill as when, as a very small child and with my mother’s help,I cranked out a hektographed newspaper for my neighborhood called The Daily Planet. Hektographed? Yep, it’s a process that uses ditto-type masters and a tray filled with a special gelatin. I’m not kidding. Yes, this was in the early 1960s, when computers were still very scary things with huge whirring tape drives. Back then, hektography seemed like quite the technological foray. HTML, of course, seems much easier by comparison. At any rate, when I see pages coming from elementary schools or other conglomerations of young people, it impresses me a bunch more than a particularly-well-designed page from, say, NBC. I hope everyone gives this a try sometime. A global cacaphony of indivisual viewpoints. That, to me, can be a very special kind of community.

It seems that more and more people are coming to me for web page design (yes, I do that)–so much so that it’s beginning to supplant some of the broadcast work that I do. Fewer news opens and more web pages? Hey, why not? As someone with a fairly broad-based background in darn near everything digital, I have to be open to any possibilities (or so I tell myself.)

I’m also beginning to get quite a few suggestions that I talk on these pages about how to do some of the kind of design work you see here. Well…start with Adobe Photoshop… (Maybe I’ll go into greater–much greater–detail soon.)

What looks good out there?

This time, I’ve accumulated a bunch of sorta-kinda non-sequitur links. Here they are for what thery’re worth, along with a path to a much bigger page I’ve done of interesting places to go.

  • Mexican food! Food and Cooking in Prehispanic Mexico!
  • 3d models! The classic Avalon/Chinalake site has been taken under Viewpoint‘s wing. Good place for it, good people. For all your 3d modeling needs.
  • PageMill! From the nice folks at Ceneca Communications. Everything I heard from MacWorld says that this is the breakthrough HTML editing software. On the Mac, of course, where all breakthroughs happen.
  • Trendy LA 3d designers! A lot of the great effects sequences in films and spots are coming from Digital Domain these days. They have a WWW site with more ego and attitude than I’ve seen in some time. Is that a good thing? Uh…I dunno.
  • Oppose the Microsoft juggernaut! Jon Pugh is one of my favorite programmers, and his web page has some remarkably cogent arguments against the Redmond, Washington-based purveyor of bloated, slow Mac software. Oh, don’t get me started.
  • Trains! A future PosAtlGA will have some attempt at articulating my childhood love of trains and train travel. Until then, enjoy this digital roundhouse of things ferro-carril-like.