Still too early?

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Last year at this time we were looking at primary election results from midwestern states, where there was more back-and-forth about Biden vs. Warren vs. Sanders (and so on) than there was about Covid and safety in a pandemic. That changed over the next couple of weeks.

Now I find myself looking at other states hopefully as I see that they are vaccinating people who are, say, 60 and above. They’re vaccinating teachers, thank goodness. The job (a big one!) is getting done. Here in Georgia, it feels as if we’re a tad behind the national trend.

Right now, Sammy and I remain in Georgia’s notrightnowland of being in our early sixties but without any of the other factors that might qualify us for an earlier spot…and I think we’re both fine with that, for now. But we sure hope that our state works hard to get as many qualified folks vaccinated quickly and before too many more days, we’ll hear that it’s now people 60 and above who can get the shot, and let me tell you, we will line up and do just that.