Early 2023, in easy blog form.

Friday, January 13th, 2023

I was looking at Sammy’s most recent blog post about the storms that came through/near/next to Atlanta yesterday, and I realized that I was bothered by the imbalance of stuff I’m reading (lots) versus stuff I’m writing (not that much.)

So I’m making a small effort to say “hello,” and to acknowledge my continued existence here, on line, at home, in this universe. Hi there. The storms did come through, we’re fine, our neighbors are fine. Some of our very distant neighbors to the south of town are not as fine, unfortunately. It’s cold this afternoon! I went out this morning to Trader Joe’s early this morning to stock up on a few things and was only semi-successful…I discovered that the mini-ravioli that we liked but hadn’t bought for months had been discontinued last February. There’s probably a lesson in that, but I did bring canned beans and tortillas home.

So, as Nancy would say in her much more updated blog, “With that, the weekend awaits us all. Let’s enjoy it.”

Enjoying it from my standpoint will involve staying warm (yes, we live in Atlanta, but I’m telling you, it’s cold!) My office, through some cosmic connection of well-placed heating pipe under the floor and a bunch of activated computers on every flat surface, is actually one of the warmest rooms in the house. But still! It’s a cold day, and appears to be a cold weekend ahead.

So I wish you warmth and clarity and peace and good nutrition and…well, you know, the good stuff. The good stuff.