Messages from the CPU.

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Sometimes it’s nice to know when you’re done…

And…what you should do next. Okay, where’s that envelope?

And sometimes, when you think you’re doing just fine, it’s nice to know when a piece of software thinks you haven’t quite measured up…

Why would I want to discard change? Change is good. Change is what I’m counting on as I breathe the last of 2008.

Planet of the bad special effects.

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Some Sunday mornings I’m a bit nostalgic. So I give you: the Millennium Falcon landing in WTBS’s West Peachtree studio, circa 1980. Careful study of this frame tells you: 1) I was allowed to play with expensive TV equipment in the middle of the night. 2) I had a large model of the Millennium Falcon…in fact, I was apparently willing to spend some of my meager disposable income on a model kit in my early twenties. 3) Our Grass Valley 1600 switcher really didn’t do that good a chromakey. Oh, and 4) we still had Norelco PC-72 cameras.

What this frame doesn’t show is the blast of “landing exhaust” that came from discharging a fire extinguisher right behind the model. Convincing!

Why, you ask? Bill Tush was interviewing Harrison Ford, and I wanted to do something special.