The Stratigraphy of New Orleans.

Friday, April 12th, 1996

Hello from New Orleans, the city of so many cliches that you can pretty much name your own. Yes, the food is good. Yes, we’re having fun. Sammy is also, for the most part, hard at work. We’re at the Society for American Archaeology annual meeting, and it’s me playing the spouse amidst these archaeologists, a contentious, idea-filled lot of people who like to gather in large numbers and discuss schools of thought so convoluted they make my head spin, just a little.

This is where slightly tweedy people drink lots of beer and talk about important questions while quibbling about the far less important trivialities of their studies. In other words, it’s just about the same as any other academic conference. Heck, it’s just about the same as any conference, period.

But for me, it’s a pleasure, a treat, a few days with few obligations, and a chance to socialize with some good people.

And did I mention the food?

There’s lots to talk about here, but unfortunately only limited Internet access (it’s late in the afternoon as I write.) So stay tuned for more. And enjoy your week wherever you may be.