Free fall.

Thursday, October 30th, 1997

Johnny Cash has Parkinson’s. The market falls, then corrects, then wobbles again. It’s cold and rainy, then a beautiful autumn emerges. KTVB wants ‘where the news comes first’ on their opens, then they don’t.

Here in Atlanta, the city apparently always has a brutal rush hour on Halloween, when everyone hurries home to take their kids trick-or-treating. We’ve got a mayoral race here among candidates that no one seems to like or trust. A contest of criminals.

And me, I’m in that intermezzo between large design jobs, taking care of loose ends and small changes from other projects, while going through the rigors of changing Internet Service Providers.

And it’s clear from this entry that my writing skills are, at best, slightly impaired.

It was the best of intentions, it was…

Tuesday, October 7th, 1997

Past a certain point, it becomes hard to discern any point at all. Hello again after the longest darn time, where, faithful visitors to this spot will tell you, I haven’t changed the contents of this page since, well, May 21st.

It’s way past that now. It’s fall. The page of ramblings about heat and humidity for the most part do not apply. We’re getting ready for a week-long trip above the 45th parallel to see if the leaves are making any kind of statement at all, chroma-saturation wise.

Time has passed. the world has spun. Things have changed.

I have, in short, been busy. It’s been ‘the season’, where I’ve had such a succession of design projects that any sort of self-indulgence like this web site just had to take a back seat.

When you’re a one-person design firm, a couple of large projects in a row can consume most of your waking hours. And indeed, that’s been the case.

I’ve had the best of intentions. I still do.

We’ve reached the point where my own "brother" and "sister" regularly make sarcastic remarks in their own well-designed, well-updated, well-manicured web pages about my web-sloth and HTML-neglect. Points all well taken.

Sammy has even asked me to update my damn page. And she’s not much of a web-surfer, as these things go.

As I say, the best of intentions.

I want (I have every intention of) putting a couple of pages up here that show off what I’ve been spending time on. I’d also like to show you some images from the last five months of our life.

I’d like to talk some about the new technologies which fascinate me (which, interestingly enough, still revolve around DV and Adobe After Effects.) I feel as if I’m working right now on projects that are almost too much fun for clients that are almost too nice, too patient. Well, maybe I’m going a bit too far here…but it’s been a good year thus far, and part of it, beyond the pleasures of just plain work, is that I’m doing cool stuff with cool tools for cool people. Not a bad combo when it all works that way.


Right now, though, sleep would be a good idea. Visitors tomorrow, and travel the next day. But I thought I’d write and send this out there, and, at least for one moment, concentrate on my neglected writing skills. Putting one word in front of another, treading a careful, crafted line. I intend to do some more of this.