Wandering instincts.

Friday, January 13th, 2006

Sammy and I have said it all along: we like to travel. And thanks to good planning and miscellaneous miracles of scheduling, we’ve been able to do a fair amount of it. As we go along, I hope this section will be a moderately entertaining collection of notes and images from those trips. Your notes or comments are always welcome.

Oaxaca and Mexico

We traveled there for Sammy’s dissertation research in November 1996 through February of 1997. Read The road(s) to Oaxaca, November 1996 for some of my first journal entries, scribbled into a Powerbook, and take a look at pictures from Mexico that are our first experiments with captures in the field from DV. Primitive technoology by today’s standards.

Veto Las Vegas

Well, you see, Sammy had been to every state except Nevada and Alaska, and Bill Ambrose and I had to go to the NAB conference to see how the next revolution(s) in television would actually come down. So call it an anthropological investigation of a not very real place…we visited during the first week of April 1997.