Veto Las Vegas! (1997)

Friday, January 13th, 2006

So yeah, there was this NAB convention there from roughly April 6 through the 10th, and so were we. It was an extravaganza of television technology, dubious taste, and reasonably-priced buffet food of questionable repute.
And did I mention we went to Death Valley, California—282 feet below sea level—on the second day we were there?

Here are some DV images from that trip:

vegas001.jpeg vegas002.jpeg vegas003.jpeg
vegas004.jpeg vegas005.jpeg vegas006.jpeg
vegas007.jpeg vegas008.jpeg vegas009.jpeg
vegas010.jpeg vegas011.jpeg vegas012.jpeg
vegas038.jpeg vegas034.jpeg vegas045.jpeg
vegas013.jpeg vegas014.jpeg vegas015.jpeg
vegas022.jpeg vegas017.jpeg vegas018.jpeg
vegas021.jpeg vegas028.jpeg vegas031.jpeg
vegas050.jpeg vegas052.jpeg vegas049.jpeg